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Blsphm—03.24.2015&12.18.2015 cdr ltd. 25 copies


This is, in a way, a live record. It is two shows from 2015 that could not be more different in their sound and style. This cdr plays as one long track and the shows are connected by some manipulated field recordings that make it actually sound like a journey from one show to the next with an exit. We hope this type of thing becomes a standard for live recordings in the future. It's a wonderful voyeuristic journey into a sad, broken mind. Letterpress covers with artwork carved from linoleum and type set in metal. Edition of 25 simple packages.

Only shipping to the US now. If you want this outside of the US please email Sorry for the inconvenience but international shipping has been so problematic for me I just don't want to deal with it any longer.