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BLUE SABBATH BLACK CHEER cd "hand-set type edition" 37 copies DA068


So this is the same BSBC cd that we had released a bit ago but with new artwork. Basically I had lost the final 37 covers somewhere and didn't want to pay to get them screenprinted again. Lucky for me I run a letterpress shop so I made a version of the cd with all hand-set lead type and a different verision of the original artwork. It looks much better. The type is super old and I just let the crazy kerning happen along with any inconsistencies there may have been in the ancient blackletter type. It's awesome. I should do this for all of my releases... 37 copies. Over half went to the band so the few I have are going to go fast. The music is fucking brutal.

Only shipping to the US now. If you want this outside of the US please email Sorry for the inconvenience but international shipping has been so problematic for me I just don't want to deal with it any longer.