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"Fire" letterpressed block print by Demian Johnston


This was to be the last art print from Demian Johnston in 2015 and so far it is. There are two versions. The first is one color printed on chipboard with the blackest oil-based ink we have. They are signed and numbered in an edition of 21 copies. They are $20. The second is the same black ink printed on white French paper and each one is hand-colored with water color. They are also signed, numbered and date stamped but in an edition of 11 copies. They are $50. I don't have many of those left but they will be shipped in order of lowest number to highest number.

Shipped flat. 8"x10"

Only shipping to the US now. If you want this outside of the US please email Sorry for the inconvenience but international shipping has been so problematic for me I just don't want to deal with it any longer.


  • One-color on chipboard - 90% in stock
  • Hand-painted - 100% in stock