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Great Falls—Ossature cs


This next 12 months will be a doozy for Great Falls. There is a new full length on Init records titled The Fever Shed and a split 7" with New Orleans' Thou of Shellac covers on Hell Comes Home. They are also almost done writing a new record that hopefully will be recorded in the late spring. There is rumors of a European tour and possibly another East Coast tour. Hell, they may even make it to Portland, OR. Anyhow, this is the first release of Great Falls phase 2. A stretched and fucked song, A Sibboleth starts this c40 and 3 live tracks hinting at Great Falls' belligerent live nature ends the cassette. There are 50 copies available but not too many on the store as this is mostly for live shows so get one now. If you want a signed sketch in your cassette I'm sure Demian would be happy with that but you'd have to pay him the cost of a decent beer extra.

Only shipping to the US now. If you want this outside of the US please email Sorry for the inconvenience but international shipping has been so problematic for me I just don't want to deal with it any longer.


  • with original painted sketch - 21% in stock
  • normal version - 100% in stock