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Letterpress print club. 3 month, 6 month and 1 year subs. Work by Demian Johnston & guests


We are now, and for the foreseeable future, offering a letterpress subscription club of the work of Demian Johnston (and some surprise guests). We are producing prints every week and we want to offer some of the best ones for mail order customers. Every month you will receive a new letterpress print. Some made with hand-carved linoleum blocks, some with photopolymer plates, some with vintage lead and wood type, and some with a combination of all the above along with some customary and more unusual elements. Attached are some photos of some upcoming prints. When we do have guest artists (and you probably know who some of my friends are so it's going to be good) it will probably be announced on out twitter stream but we also just might save it for a surprise but I guarantee you some of these names will blow you away and there will be at least one per every subscription at least 6 months long. Prints will be shipped flat as most are not very large. Most will be somewhere between 5"x7"–11"x14". All will be printed on beautiful paper on a antique C&P, Sigwalt or Vandercook letterpress that have combined probably seen 250 years of printing between them. First batch will ship around the middle of April 2017.

Only shipping to the US now. If you want this outside of the US please email Sorry for the inconvenience but international shipping has been so problematic for me I just don't want to deal with it any longer.


  • One Year Subscription - 67% in stock
  • Six Month Subscription - 100% in stock
  • Three Month Subscription - 100% in stock